Groups and Parties

Groups and Parties

DeAnna’s can accommodate smaller groups (up to 30) for private parties during the week. It becomes more difficult on the weekends due to limited space. It’s best to call us to discuss details and special requests. Our beautiful, newly designed garden is the perfect place to have a group celebration. We are the perfect restaurant for corporate parties. Ask to speak with Lisa Nichols.

Big Nights and Wine Flights.

“Big Night” dinner parties are available for groups up to 16 people. Here’s a chance to get together with family or friends or even neighbors to sample DeAnna’s fine wines (wine flights) and enjoy dinner family style in your own private room (at one large table) or reserved tables in our main rooms. During warm months have your party in our beautiful garden.

Call Lisa at 609-397-8957 to reserve your date and to find out more about wine and menu options.

What is a Wine Flight?

Wine flights, also sometimes referred to as tasting flights, are tastings of multiple wines, in order to get a feel for breadth or depth. Wine flights are usually intended for those new to the experience of tasting wine, or those who want to increase their understanding of a specific region, vintage, or varietal.

A wine flight can include anywhere from three to five wines. The number of wines, the way they are presented, and the quality of the wines, usually depends on the context in which they are served. Wine flights may be offered in tasting bars, in restaurants, or at wineries or special events. They will often be based around a central theme, but may also just be a chance to try a number of different types of wine.

In a restaurant a wine flight may be offered as a way for diners to sample an assortment of different wines. These flights may be designed to pair with a prix fixe menu, with each wine pairing with a different course, or may be intended to showcase some other component of the wine.