Dear DeAnna’s Friends and Family,

DeAnna’s has been a love affair… with tastes, smells, pasta, LOTS of pasta, with laughter, joy and passion, and now, with change. I wrote to you all 2 years ago about my intention to begin the process of cutting my apron strings that tethers me to my restaurant. Well, I do have news to share. This little restaurant that has been my heart for almost 31 years has closed. The circumstances did not allow me to give the notice that I had intended and I apologize for that but it’s time for me to set sail and retire.

With my elbows on the little wooden table, dusted with flour, watching my Grandmom Carmela with her thick, working fingers, roll the pasta into what would be dinner and to feed my soul. The memories of my childhood, my cousins and the food was the foundation of why I wanted to open my restaurant. I took a chance and with lots of determination and hard work in 1990, and opened my little 30 seat restaurant on Lilly Street. I knew that if I cooked with love,I would be ok. The little restaurant sustained my heart and my life for 15 years. Then, another 16 years with Lisa at our current location. For almost 31 years, DeAnna’s belonged to everyone who walked through the door… favorite dishes and decorations, funny stories and requests, drama, laughter, a place to relax and feel at home, including, our favorite neighborhood meatball dogs. Once we turned that vintage bar light on, we have never looked back.

You wonderful people have graced my doorway with your presence and filled my heart and soul. There are no words that can communicate my eternal gratitude for all of your support. DeAnna’s has survived multiple recessions, hurricanes, heat waves, floods and now, a pandemic. This is very difficult for us but it is time for me to retire. Please don’t be too sad. Take joy in your memories and what we’ve done together. The next steward will have a wonderful new adventure and a whole generation of relationships to cultivate and nourish. Lambertville will have a new addition to join the wonderful restaurants that are here.

So for now, myself along with Lisa, will say mille grazie with hugs and kisses. Not to worry, we will be around, out and about, supporting our fellow restauranteurs as patrons and as community members of Lambertville, the city we cherish. We will be keeping our website and facebook to stay in touch. For now, we will rest. Ciao!

With Much Love and Gratitude From My Heart,
Diana Paterra
aka Chef DeAnna

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