The hippest restaurant, in the oldest bar, in the smallest city, in the USA!

DeAnna’s Restaurant set up home in this riverside city of Lambertville, New Jersey in 1990 on a simple premise; bring fresh, homemade Italian food to the people. Chef DeAnna hoped people would appreciate her passion for cooking and come to dine. And come they have. 20 years ago, DeAnna’s began as a cozy 30 seat restaurant then grew to include a bar and expanded seating at our larger current location, with all the original ambience intact. DeAnna’s food is straightforward, well thought out, authentic Italian food. DeAnna considers herself a traditionalist but brings an original style and passion to her menu.

DeAnna’s is a place where customers can choose to dine inside or in the garden during mild weather, or enjoy full menu options at the beautiful bar. Our bar is remniscent of old-time bars, like the “21 Club” where people come to see and be seen while they sip cocktails and satiate their hunger. With a full liquor license, customers can choose their favorite drinks or peruse DeAnna’s carefully selected wine list.

You won’t find high concept culinary gimmicks like foams and jellies at DeAnna’s. You will find simple delicious sauces, homemade pasta, fresh fish, quality meats and scrumptious homemade desserts.

DeAnna’s main menu has remained basically the same since the beginning with creative daily additions that reflect the seasons bounty. We use locally grown organic greens and produce whenever possible.

DeAnna’s is a restaurant that always has something new and exciting going on with a commitment to details that enthrall our customers! Seasonal decor, fabulous artwork and ever changing subtlties makes DeAnna’s a “Manhattan-meets-Lambertville” destination.

It takes two, baby.

DeAnna’s is devotedly managed by chef DeAnna’s partner, Lisa Nichols, who maintains the beautiful decor, coordinates daily operations and parties and who bakes all of our delicious desserts. She is the idea person and aesthetic police. It’s the perfect combination, Lisa in the front of the house with DeAnna creating culinary magic in the kitchen.

The LGBT community, as always, welcome with open arms.

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